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Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing modality that uses the body’s natural ability to regulate itself to enhance a sense of physical, emotional. mental and spiritual well-being. Adding Reiki to your wellness routine will help refine the body’s vibrations on a cellular level. Reiki reminds the body that it has the power to heal itself naturally by releasing stagnant energy and promoting balance throughout the central nervous system. Clients report a feeling of relaxation, reduced stress and an increase in happiness levels after a session

Session's are an hour long and services can be mixed, depending on your particular needs. 

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"Life opens up in so many different ways when your energy has been awakened"

Panache Desai

Our Approach

Sacred Wei takes a holistic approach to wellness by acknowledging the interrelationships between our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Just like every person is unique, so is their treatment. Integrating styles and techniques from across different modalities, philosophies and sciences treats the root cause of illness, causing a rippling effect of healing energy. Western styles such as Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue combined with Meridian Theory, Reiki and Chakra Balancing are applied to each session, creating an experience of relaxation, transformation and healing.

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The Story

Reiki and energy healing entered my life in 2012. I wasn't searching for it, it just kind of stumbled in naturally, kind of like how you just stumbled you're way to this site. As a client for many years, I knew one day I would flip my role and become a practitioner. I was lucky to have found a teacher who supported my healing journey and invited me to practice the sacred art of the Usui system. My intention has always been to give back what I have learned during my process of inititiation by being of service to others through teaching and energy work.

My experience with Reiki has been life changing, transformational really. My passion for the healing arts and ancient medicine led me to break the chains from the corporate world, enroll in massage school and start my own practice. 

Whether your goal is to awaken to spirituality, heal your body physically, find a natural way to ease the mind or balance your emotions, I promise to make space for whatever it is you are seeking. My services are 100% confidential and our work zone is completely judgement free.

Call it a calling, call it purpose, call it whatever - it's intuition. We all have something special to offer the world, but sometimes we just need to dig deep into our souls, fish it out and unravel some cobwebs in the process. Let's break some chains together and give this planet the spiritual makeover that it desperately needs. The world is waiting for you.

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