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Sacred Wei Wellness

An Evidenced-Based Approach to Intuitive Healing

Our Mission

Sacred Wei’s mission is to help guide and assist clients on their healing journey by taking a unique and holistic approach to wellness. Sacred Wei believes that healing is a true art form that combines both science and spirituality. Integrating techniques such as energy work, massage therapy, and manual lymphatic drainage can help bring the body back to homeostasis and to release the stress that is interfering with mental clarity, optimal physical health and emotional balance. Sacred Wei Wellness was created to deliver the skills and education needed to help each client develop self-mastery and provide a safe space for healing and spiritual recovery.

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Raise your vibrations

Heighten your intuition

Enhance your wellbeing

Uplift your spirits


Special Offerings

Ninety minute combinations of Massage Therapy, Energy Work and Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Whether your goal is to awaken to spirituality, heal your body physically, find a natural way to ease the mind or balance your emotions, I promise to make space for whatever it is you are seeking. My services are 100% confidential and our work zone is completely judgement free.


The Zen Den

For those on the brink of burnout. Recharge your central nervous system and find your inner zen with a relaxing energetic tune-up. It's like an exfoliation for the mind, body and soul


Awaken Your Purpose

For those ready for a change. Connect with your intuition and align with your highest self. On this journey we will tap into the universal intelligence system for guidance and support and break the chains of past conditioning.

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The Medicine Cabinet

For those looking for an alternative approach to healing. This evidenced-based, holistic and integrative method for healing will help uplift your spirits, alleviate pain and bring your body back to a state of balance


Chillin' For Two

For those who are expecting. Enhance your birth plan with this meditative, stress-relief journey which is designed to alleviate pain, boost energy levels and target hormonal imbalances.


The Quick Fix

Just want to relieve stress and reduce muscle pain? Pop in for a tune-up to heal the mind, body and spirit. 

Single sessions of Massage Therapy, Reiki or Manual Lymphatic Drainage. 

60 minutes | 75 minutes | 90 minutes

Leah Sophinos

Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist

My healing journey started in 2012 while I was living in Brooklyn, NY working in a corporate position and experienced burnout on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It was at this moment in time, in a total place of surrender when Reiki and Meditation entered my life.



What people say about us

Smiling Woman

Jenn G., NYC

"I absolutely needed my session with Leah! Her work on an energetic and physiological level was everything my physical and spiritual body needed! I was eased into the session and knew immediately I was in good hands. Literally. Her work was intuitive and she was able to move stagnant energies along the meridian that had been tangled up in my body causing dis-ease, blocks and ruminating thought patterns. During the session I could feel the activation of my chakras and how my qi/prana began to flow again. After the session I felt the blockages continue to clear. The next day I woke up feeling brand new. I slept so well and felt rested and refreshed, unlike my recent experience with sleep and rest. I can't wait for my next session! It's like I have new legs to step forward in my life with."

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Kristen M., NYC

“Leah has a gift. I walked in full of tension and knots and left feeling like I was floating on a cloud. She applied the perfect amount of pressure and was so thorough. She loosened muscles that I didn't realize were tense. This was also my first reiki experience and I was surprised by how subtle yet powerful this experience was. A magical experience."

Healthy Woman

Marianna D., NYC

I had the privilege of a full-hour reiki session with Leah. Her welcoming demeanor and warm smile helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable. As this was my first reiki session, I didn't know what to expect, but I gained so much from the experience. A professional with a gift, she described in detail the process, so I was always aware of what she was doing. I had come in with a high level of anxiety and was suffering from symptoms related to a concussion a few months prior. After the treatment, I was calm and the headache I was suffering from seemed to disappear. I couldn't recommend Leah more for reiki! I am looking forward to more sessions to come."

"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance."

- Eckhart Tolle.

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